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Trainers who are Real-Time Experts

Learn from experienced industry professionals at RKS Infotech, and get individualized mentoring to advance your education.

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At RKS Infotech, our courses offer both affordability and flexibility with installment payment options. We prioritize delivering quality training at an accessible price point.

Practice With Real - Time Projects

At RKS Infotech, immerse yourself in practical learning experiences through ongoing projects. Improve your knowledge and abilities by putting them to use practically in a work environment.


Gain credibility in the workplace by earning a certification from RKS Infotech. Display your proficiency and dedication to continuous learning with one of our recognized certificates.

Guaranteed Placement Support

RKS Infotech is dedicated to delivering 100% guaranteed placement help, so you can be sure that your career will succeed. Put your faith in our committed staff to help you secure your ideal position.

Flexible Batch Timings

Enjoy the ease of selecting the batch times that work best for you, guaranteeing that your learning goes smoothly without interfering with other commitments.

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Why Should You Learn Graphic Design?

Learning graphic design involves expressing creativity and mastering communicating visually, not just about knowing how to use tools. A graphic designing course will teach you how to make powerful images for logos and web graphics, among other things. Expertise in graphic design is widely valued in the modern digital era, providing rewarding employment opportunities and artistic fulfillment.

Beyond its technical features, graphic design develops critical thinking skills and artistic abilities. In a world when images are everything, having expertise in graphic design makes you stand out whether you're a business owner or an aspiring designer. Investing in graphic arts maintains competitiveness and importance in the industry, especially with the growing demand for eye-catching material in digital marketing.

Graphic Designing Course - Topics To Be Covered in Class

Module 1: Introduction To Graphic Design

Module 2: History and Evolution of Graphic Design

Module 3: Design Principles and Elements

Module 4: Typography Fundamentals

Module 5: Color Theory and Application

Module 6: Layout Design and Composition

Module 7: Logo Design Basics

Module 8: Inventory Management in Tally

Module 9: Poster Design Techniques

Module 10: Flyer and Brochure Design

Module 11: Packing Design Concepts

Module 12: Advertising Design Principles

Module 13: Magazine and Book Cover Design

Module 14: Digital Illustration Fundamentals

Module 15: Vector Graphics Techniques

Module 16: Photo Editing Basics

Module 17: Introduction to Adobe Photoshop

Module 18: Advanced Photoshop Techniques

Module 19: Introduction to Adobe Illustrator

Module 20: Advanced Illustrator Techniques

Module 21: Introduction to Adobe InDesign

Module 22: Layout Design in InDesign

Module 23: Introduction to Adobe XD

Module 24: Prototyping and Wireframing

Module 25: UI/UX Design Fundamentals

Module 26: Web Graphics Design Basics

Module 27: Social Media Graphics Design

Module 28: Motion Graphics Fundamentals

Module 29: Introduction to Animation Principles

Module 30: Creating Infographics

Module 31: Print Production Basics

Module 32: Preparing Designs for Print

Module 33: Client Communication and Project Management

Module 34: Portfolio Development and Presentation

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Why To Choose RKS Infotech Training Session

We, at RKS Infotech Training Session, are dedicated to delivering top-notch education and fostering a conducive learning environment for our students. With our comprehensive curriculum and expert instructors, we ensure that every student receives the best possible training. What sets us apart is our unique placement assistance program, coupled with the opportunity for students to work directly at RKS Infotech, our esteemed company. Join us and pave your way to a successful career with hands-on experience right from the classroom to the office floor!

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