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Empower Your Journey with Essential Soft Skills: Let Our Course Be Your Catalyst for Personal and Professional Growth!

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Learn from experienced industry professionals at RKS Infotech, and get individualized mentoring to advance your education.

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At RKS Infotech, our courses offer both affordability and flexibility with installment payment options. We prioritize delivering quality training at an accessible price point.

Practice With Real - Time Projects

At RKS Infotech, immerse yourself in practical learning experiences through ongoing projects. Improve your knowledge and abilities by putting them to use practically in a work environment.


Gain credibility in the workplace by earning a certification from RKS Infotech. Display your proficiency and dedication to continuous learning with one of our recognized certificates.

Guaranteed Placement Support

RKS Infotech is dedicated to delivering 100% guaranteed placement help, so you can be sure that your career will succeed. Put your faith in our committed staff to help you secure your ideal position.

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Enjoy the ease of selecting the batch times that work best for you, guaranteeing that your learning goes smoothly without interfering with other commitments.

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Why Should You Learn Tally & GST?

Learning Tally and GST involves more than just picking up technical know-how; it's about preparing oneself for the competitive business environment of today. Comprehending GST guarantees compliance and helps make informed decisions, while Tally simplifies accounting and inventory management. Being proficient in these areas makes you stand out from the competition and opens doors to a variety of job prospects.

Studying Tally and GST also gives you practical knowledge that is highly sought after in the job market. Being proficient with these tools improves your competitiveness and relevance within the digital age, regardless of your role as a business owner or finance professional. By pursuing Tally and GST courses, you can ensure your continued success and flexibility as businesses become more and more dependent on digital solutions.

Soft Skills Course - Topics To Be Covered in Class

Module 1: Introduction To Soft Skills

Module 2: Communication Skills Fundamentals

Module 3: Verbal Communication Techniques

Module 4: Non - Verbal Communication Skills

Module 5: Listening Skills Enhancement

Module 6: Effective Presentation Skills

Module 7: Interpersonal Communication

Module 8: Conflict Resolution and Management

Module 9: Negotiation Skills

Module 10: Emotional Intelligence Development

Module 11: Stress Management Techniques

Module 12: Time Management Strategies

Module 13: Goal Setting and Prioritization

Module 14: Decision Making and Problem Solving

Module 15: Critical Thinking Skills

Module 16: Leadership Skills Development

Module 17: Teamwork and Collaboration

Module 18: Adaptability and Flexibility

Module 19: Creativity and Innovation

Module 20: Self Motivation Techniques

Module 21: Personal Branding & Image Management

Module 22: Networking Skills & Relationship Building

Module 23: Assertiveness Training

Module 24: Cultural Sensitivity & Diversity Awareness

Module 25: Ethics & Professionalism

Module 26: Conflict Resolution in the Workplace

Module 27: Work - Life Balance Strategies

Module 28: Public Speaking Skills

Module 29: Networking and Relationship Building

Module 30: Continuous Learning & Personal Development

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We, at RKS Infotech Training Session, are dedicated to delivering top-notch education and fostering a conducive learning environment for our students. With our comprehensive curriculum and expert instructors, we ensure that every student receives the best possible training. What sets us apart is our unique placement assistance program, coupled with the opportunity for students to work directly at RKS Infotech, our esteemed company. Join us and pave your way to a successful career with hands-on experience right from the classroom to the office floor!

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